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Hydrogen-rich water cup

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The hydrogen-rich water cup can produce hydrogen-rich water with a hydrogen content of 0.8 ppb or more for 2 to 5 minutes in a micro-electrolytic water cup capable of rapidly producing hydrogen.
Effect on the human body
Brain: Improve memory and attention, discharge heavy metals and prevent strokes.
Heart: The hydrogen-rich molecules that carry the bio-electricity support the heart's beating and increase the amount of heart.
Kidney: Prevents kidney dehydration, electrolyte balance, regulates blood pressure, reduces uric acid and prevents kidney stones.
Small intestine: Solve stomach problems, avoid constipation, colon detoxification and avoid colonic fermentation.
Blood vessels: strengthen the blood vessel wall, improve blood circulation, increase penetration, and excrete existing atherosclerotic plaque.
Principle of hydrogen-rich water cup
Medical research has shown that many diseases, including aging, are caused by the accumulation of free radicals that cannot be removed in time. Free radicals are a kind of very active and highly oxidizing chemical substances, also called reactive oxygen species, produced by human cells during metabolism. Free radicals attacking life macromolecules can cause damage to tissue cells, which is the root cause of aging in the body and an important cause of malignant diseases such as tumors. Excessive reactive oxygen species can cause destructive behavior, leading to damage to normal cells and tissues of the human body, causing various diseases such as heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and tumors. In addition, the external environment of solar radiation, air pollution, smoke, pesticides, etc. will promote the body to produce more reactive oxygen free radicals, resulting in nucleic acid mutations, which is the root cause of human aging and disease.
Hydrogen-containing water has the effect of scavenging free radicals in living organisms. Hydrogen itself is an optimal antioxidant. Because hydrogen molecules are very fine, they can penetrate into the body quickly and penetrate the cell membrane. They take away the malignant reactive oxygen which is difficult to eliminate and excrete its synthetic water. Affects the functioning of other benign reactive oxygen species and body functions. The most important thing is to restore damaged and oxidized cells. The "hydrogen" in the water has the strongest reducing power. Most of the antioxidants we eat, such as vitamins, do not easily pass through the cell membrane, and can only specifically eliminate malignant active oxygen, not to mention eating a lot of vitamins. It is also difficult to store and absorb in the body. According to an experimental analysis conducted by Professor Masahiro Ota of Japan, the antioxidant capacity and cell resilience of hydrogen are by far the most powerful.