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Is the purifier and the humidifier the same?

文章出處:九言科技 人氣:發表時間:2019-03
Different. The main function of the air humidifier is to keep the air moist. When the weather is relatively dry, the air in the room will flow, and the human body will not be dry and cause discomfort. The air purifier not only purifies the air, but also removes the harmful substances in the air. Moreover, the air purifier of Guanglei can quickly discharge the clean air through the high-speed running fan during the operation, and convert it into healthy and fresh air to keep the indoors. The air is always circulated so that the air is no longer hot.
 Most of the pathogenic bacteria are mainly caused by the patient or the carrier when coughing, spitting, spraying and breathing, and are discharged into the air along with the saliva droplets, and spread through the air to other areas, ultimately threatening the health of the family. Therefore, in the home life, air purification is the first step in a healthy life. Only when the air is safely protected can we breathe and live more freely and healthily. The negative ions released by the air purifier have the ability to kill all pathogenic microorganisms such as bacterial propagules, spores, fungi and viruses, and achieve ideal disinfection and sterilization effects on indoor air and articles.