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Is the air purifier harmful to the human body?

文章出處:九言科技 人氣:發表時間:2019-03
The crowds using air purifiers are becoming more and more ambitious, causing various problems. Will those applying air purifiers persecute the human body? Will it reduce human immunity? Really and otherwise, the accurate application of air purifiers will not only reduce the body's immunity, but also enhance the self-healing of human immunity. The first reduction in immunity is mainly due to various types of stress, air pollution, eating unhealthy foods and other factors that cause sub-health in the human body. But the human body is self-healing, so if you can take a career in a clean air situation, your body's self-healing will receive important sponsorship. The moment of bedtime and rest in the morning is the best time for the human body to repair and eliminate the toxins. It is also the time when the body's immune system is the least fascinating. If you can sleep with clean air, it will be more conducive to the self-repair and quality of your body. Over time, it will also help the recovery and promotion of human immunity.