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Is there any use of hydrogen-rich water cups?

文章出處:九言科技 人氣:發表時間:2019-03
Is there any use for hydrogen-rich water cups (water cups)?
In 2010, Japan was arrogant in a “water bottle” that claimed to be able to resist oxidation, prevent ageing, and improve various functions of the human body. The so-called “water element”, the Chinese interpretation is “hydrogen”, and water water is the name of hydrogen water. What is hydrogen water? To put it bluntly, it is water rich in hydrogen.
Why do Japanese people want to recommend drinking hydrogen water?
France's Lourdes springs, Germany's Nordenau water, Mexico's Tolacte water, known as the world's three "waters of wonders", there are many reports that people who drank this water have a certain degree of pain Improvements, many locals do not know what the reason is. On November 26, 2000, a television station in Japan broadcasted a special seminar to analyze the water of Torakt. The results showed that the water is rich in active hydrogen. The reason why the human body has aging disease is due to The body's oxidizing effect, while active hydrogen is extremely resilient. Hydrogen water is a small molecule water. The results of German scientists Dr. Erwin Neher and Dr. Bert Sakmann, winners of the 1999 Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology, show that only small molecules of water can pass through the 2 nm human cell ion channel. The nucleus and DNA activate the cell enzyme tissue and stimulate vitality. Other tap water and pure water cannot enter the cell through the ion channel. Therefore, these active hydrogen-rich water can greatly improve people's pain.
We all know that there is a famous Changming Village in China. It is located in the Bama Yao Autonomous County. It is a small village of more than 500 people. There are 7 people in the 100-year-olds. It is 200 times the United Nations standard for the identification of Shouxiang. Order the temple." The secret of Bama’s long life has always been the goal of scholars from all walks of life in the world. There are professors from the primary school lectures, and the source of all things is water-based.
Bama's unique karst karst topography makes the water here alkaline pH water 7.38 ~ 7.95, low oxidation recovery potential (ORP) 35 ~ 150MV, containing minerals and trace elements beneficial to the human body. In particular, the geomagnetic intensity of Bama is between 0.45 and 0.5 Gauss, which is much higher than other regions. Under the effect of magnetic line cutting, the macromolecular water is magnetized into a small molecular group of six-ring water. In fact, the reason why Bama’s water is so The strangeness is that the hydrogen content in the water is much higher than that in other regions due to special natural conditions, and it becomes alkaline water, and the oxidation recovery potential is also much lower than other regions.
From natural exploration and various experts and scholars, it is concluded that whether it is the water of Changming Village, it is still water that can alleviate the pain, and is rich in hydrogen.
Why is hydrogen water useful?
Most of the oxygen we breathe together with food to make energy in the cells. When the food is burned to make glucose, it needs to use oxygen. So we can get energy and keep life. Because the human life requires heat, this heat is from the body. The organic matter is supplied with an oxidative resilience response to the onset of oxygen. Oxidation reverberation not only generates energy for the body to maintain normal life activities, but also oxygen free radicals, ie, reactive oxygen species. Active oxygen is an active substance that occurs in the molecular stage after oxygen is absorbed by the human body. Excessive oxygen radicals can eliminate the active oxygen in the human body, present a lipid oxidation reaction of the biofilm, and easily generate new free radicals and damage the human body. . In order to suppress the increase of active oxygen, the body produces SOD (superoxide dismutase) to neutralize active oxygen. Before the age of 25, the ability to make SOD is strong, and the active oxygen is not terrible, but with the increase of age, the SOD reduction made by the human body and the active oxygen damage day are very simple, causing aging and adult diseases.
Hydrogen is the opposite of oxygen, and hydrogen is extremely resilient. When it is restored, it returns to its original state, and it gives electrons to substances that are extracted by oxygen, and it recovers to its original state. Oxygen has 8 electrons. In contrast, although hydrogen has only one electron, it has the property of imparting electrons to other substances. Therefore, our body obtains energy through hydrogen, and we eat and breathe to obtain hydrogen atoms in differentiated food. energy. Hydrogen supplies electrons to the mitochondria that make energy in the cell, making human energy called ATP. Therefore, the real reason for breathing and sucking food is to obtain hydrogen energy.
This nature of hydrogen restores the malignant reactive oxygen-hydroxyl radicals that occur in the human body, producing completely harmless water, and exerting the effect of maintaining our body. It is scientifically proven that hydrogen-rich hydrogen-rich water helps regulate blood sugar, prevent obesity, maintain healthy weight, relieve seriousness, maintain healthy blood pressure, prevent and improve intestinal abnormal complications, prevent osteoporosis, and maintain healthy bone density. To prevent and improve joint pain and maintain healthy joints. Along with the experiment, Professor Sun Xuejun of the Second Military Medical University of the People's Liberation Army has also proved that hydrogen can heal: diabetes, arteriosclerosis, stroke, Parkinson's disease, arthritis, senile dementia, myocardial infarction, colitis, hepatitis, pancreatitis and so on.
Why can hydrogen-rich water cups generate hydrogen?
Water (H2O) is mainly composed of hydrogen and oxygen. Generally, the hydrogen-rich water cup is mainly electrolyzed by a special electrolytic sheet + hydrogen-rich ion membrane, and then hydrogen gas is deposited on the water molecules, followed by drinking water into the human body, and then exerts an effect. The hydrogen-rich water cups currently on the market generally have two types according to the structure and principle:
1. Hydrogen is separately produced during electrolysis. After capping the cup lid, it is pressurized and dissolved into water to form several groups of water together. At this moment, the shape of the water will become larger, and the hydrogen molecules will always be several small. The shape of the bubble exists between the water molecules (as shown below). With the passage of time, the hydrogen bubbles formed in this case are easily released into the air, and the hydrogen content of the hydrogen-rich water that is consumed at this moment is greatly reduced, so that the hydrogen-rich water cup is rich in electrolysis. Hydrogen water demand is consumed immediately.
2. There is also a hydrogen-rich water cup divided into the south and north poles. After the H+ and O2 generated by the anode are separated, H+ transmits the ion potential and generates H2. The water in the cup is electrolyzed into the smallest unit of small molecule water, which turns it into The shape of pentagonal water or hexagonal water, together with hydrogen attached to each corner and integrated into one, constitutes hydrogen-rich water, while hydrogen, which is not combined with water molecular structure, converges into bubbles to be released into the air. Dissolved hydrogen retention time: At normal conditions of 15 °C, 80 to 90% remain after 12 hours, and after 24 hours, 60 to 80% remain, and the maximum retention time is 72 hours or more.
Is all the hydrogen-rich water cups useful?
Although most hydrogen-rich water cups can generate hydrogen through electrolysis, the hydrogen concentration of different skills is different, although hydrogen is beneficial to the human body, and excessive hydrogen gas is generated in the process of electrolyzing water in the residual hydrogen-rich water cup. Ozone, on the other hand, brings new harmful substances into the human body. At present, there are two kinds of electrolytic sheets for hydrogen-rich water cups on the market. Pure platinum electrolytic sheets (external pure platinum) and titanium alloy electrolytic sheets are at least twice as expensive as the price, and must be paid attention to.
The first hydrogen-rich water cup was sold in Japan, and the price ranged from RMB 2000-3000. Although it was popular from Japan, it did not mean that it must go to Japan. The price of the purchase is not cheap. In fact, there are also domestic Well-made manufacturers, and even exported to Japan, but bought back by the people.
Social benefit
"Water quality determines the constitution", but there are not many people who can realize the importance of water to life and health. Therefore, some people call water "a forgotten nutrient." The World Health Organization (WHO) organizes statistics to develop 80% of the diseases in our country and one third of human deaths are rooted in water. Professor Li Fuxing, director of the Health Drinking Water Professional Committee of China, proposed that the water or water used by us to drink often shortens its life. Good water has decided the number of lives. Hydrogen-rich water is not only clean, there is hydrogen and energy, water is a small molecule living water mass, negative ions absorb 80% deep, purify the blood, make the blood smooth, metabolism is strong, prevent a variety of diseases, improve human health.
Economic benefit
With the diversification of consumer demand in shopping malls and the enhancement of health care awareness, consumers are paying more and more attention to the health elements of products when they consider quenching thirst and cooling off the heat. If they use the products, they will be more popular if they bring physical health. Therefore, in the future development of drinking water, drinking water will gradually change from a single thirst quenching and cooling to health, nutrients and beauty. Hydrogen-rich water drinks are expected to become the new favorite and trend of the beverage market. The hydrogen ion of hydrogen-rich water can neutralize the remaining active oxygen (H2+O=H2O) in the body to form water, which is excreted with the urine to help the cells to innovate. The safety and environmental protection have no toxic side effects on the human body, and there is no clear taboo. With the taboo crowd. The industrialization of hydrogen-rich water is in line with the development trend of “nutrition, sanitation and convenience” in China's food industry.