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Tianjin Environmental Protection Bureau, notified 10 typical

文章出處:九言科技 人氣:發表時間:2019-03
Examples include: Cheng Xiaowei's personal plastics processing point illegal discharge of pollutants suspected of environmental pollution crimes, Tianjin Guangjuyuan Paper Group Co., Ltd. improper operation of pollution prevention equipment transfer detention case, Tianjin Xingjia Round Bicycle Co., Ltd. through the dark pipe discharge toxic Material suspected of environmental pollution crimes, Yao Zhenguang personal coal yard did not adopt a useful method to prevent and control dust pollution on a daily basis, Tianjin Baolijin Pipe Co., Ltd. did not fill in the dangerous waste transfer joint case in accordance with national regulations, Tianjin Metallurgical Group rolled three Steel Co., Ltd. did not adopt a useful method to prevent dust pollution, China Petroleum and Natural Gas Co., Ltd. Dagang Petrochemical Company's air pollutants overdose case, Tianjin Baili Zhanfa Group Co., Ltd. mixed hazardous waste into non-hazardous waste storage, Tianjin Guolian The scrapped motor vehicle recovery and dismantling Co., Ltd. did not set up the hazardous waste identification mark, and the case of the hazardous waste identification mark was not set by McCarty Bicycle (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
Also: Yesterday, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau released the ambient air quality status of the city and districts in November, and reported the air quality rankings and economic rewards and punishments in each district.
In November, the city's ambient air quality index was 5.28, down 35.8% year-on-year; the number of qualified days was 22 days, an increase of 11 days; the qualified ratio was 73.3%, up 36.6 percentage points year-on-year; the number of heavy pollution days was 1 day, down 5 days. The concentrations of PM2.5, PM10, SO2, NO2 and CO decreased year-on-year; the O3 concentrations were equal year-on-year. The areas with better air quality rankings are Yinzhou District, Hedong District and Heping District, and the poorer areas are Jinghai District, Xiqing District and Baodi District.