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Air purifier, mask,

文章出處:九言科技 人氣:發表時間:2019-03
Air purification persecutes our health, so let us first guarantee our health. The body is a reactionary cost, with a healthy body ability to better complete the cost of self-existence, and the use of air purifiers can help you with indoor air purification and resistance to outdoor haze. When you feel tired, there is a "her" who can help you create a novel atmosphere for 24 hours, for you to pass the five customs, resist the purification, and ensure your health.
      Of course, if the machinery is fierce, it will not be able to handle the results. If you want to stay away from the smog, you have to start from the situation of cherishing. First, we must reduce the emission of purified gas, which is the purification gas emitted by the industry, and through various aspects of energy conservation, thereby reducing the emission of purified gas. In the big deviation while rectifying, we must also do the work of cherishing the situation, such as: trees greening, planting animals that receive purification materials, and purchasing air purifiers.
      Of course, the appearance of smog has led to a decrease in the quality of the indoor atmosphere. Therefore, it is important to handle the indoor situation. At this time, an air purifier is indispensable, and indoors are mixed with many microorganisms and particulate dust, and the air The purifier is adsorbed at the end, and the differentiation will release a novel atmosphere in the future. After ensuring that the indoor atmosphere is fresh, we will have more spirit to protect our hometown. When we go out, we don't need to wear a mask, so that the nine-word air purifier mask shelters your travel time, accompanied by your health!
  The smog results are constantly around, but how does the smog appear? The origin of the haze is the purification of emissions, hot emissions, automobile exhaust, high-power electrical heating in the summer, industrial production, etc., resulting in the purification of the atmosphere, thus forming a haze. Our life situation is such a result, we are all formed by one hand, let us go with the "mask", the virtual is to avoid inhaling smog, but in fact, it is the face of our faces. But the air purifier manufacturers let you open the mask to be a man, all the way to eliminate the smog, but also a blue sky.