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Air purifier quickly purifies indoor air

文章出處:九言科技 人氣:發表時間:2019-03
Thinking of air pollution, I believe that everyone first thinks of smog. Indeed, smog has caused great trouble to our lives. However, smog is not the most terrible. What is more terrible than him is indoor air pollution. Why? So to say that? Because smog is an external factor, and indoor pollution is indeed an internal factor, solving the external factor can only be a palliative, while solving the internal factor is a cure. Due to the relatively closed indoor environment, the large use of air conditioners, and the increase of indoor chemical pollution, it is easy to breed various bacteria, fungi and microorganisms, thus endangering our health. How can we cure this problem? Yes, the air purifier is a basic method of curing the problem. Let's first take a look at the indoor microbes we are exposed to every day.
        1. Indoor fungus: Usually, if exposed to long-term, most fungi can cause allergic and asthmatic reactions; some toxin-containing fungi can cause "sick building syndrome"; when fungi multiply, volatile organic compounds are produced. , usually with a noticeable moldy smell.
        2. Indoor mixed bacteria and viruses. Under normal circumstances, the main bacteria and viruses in the room are Legionella, measles virus, etc. These bacteria and viruses can be spread on the dust in the air. People can talk, cough, sneeze and other activities, the mouth, throat, The pathogenic microorganisms in the lungs are sprayed into the air by droplets and spread to others.
        3. Second-hand smoke from smoking and cooking fumes. Kitchen fumes produced by China's unique cooking methods and indoor smoking can cause indoor pollution. During the cooking process, a lot of harmful substances are generated due to thermal decomposition; each cigarette produces 0.6~3.6mg nicotine, which contains a lot of carcinogens. On the inside, smoking indoors can cause the PM2.5 value to increase by more than 10 times.
        4. Allergens such as plant pollen and pet hair. The main symptoms of pollen allergy are sneezing, tearing, nasal and itchy eyes, severe cases can also induce bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pulmonary heart disease (multiple in summer and autumn). Pet dander and hair, saliva, urine, etc. Air pollution can also cause health hazards, mainly to cause allergies.
        5. Indoor dust mites. Dust mites are a strong allergen to the human body and can induce various allergic diseases such as allergic asthma, allergic rhinitis, bronchitis and allergic dermatitis. These substances follow people's health activities (such as bed stacking) After being in the air, it is inhaled into the lungs. Allergic people will produce specific allergic antibodies under the stimulation of these allergens.
        There are still many microorganisms in the house, so I will not list them here. Why is indoor pollution worse than outdoor, because the air flow in the room is not as fast as outside, and the space is small. When the microorganisms are mixed, they are directly absorbed by us. . It directly affects our physical health, and the air purifier can't guarantee to remove all the harmful microorganisms in the room, but it can improve the indoor air quality, make the indoor air pollution less scary, and minimize the harm caused by these pollutions. The smallest.