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Nine words third generation water glass cup proton film high

文章出處:九言科技 人氣:發表時間:2019-03
1. Hydrogen is separately produced during electrolysis. By capping the cup lid and compressing it into water, several groups of water are formed to form together. At this time, the shape of the water will become larger, and the hydrogen molecules are always aggregated. The form of tiny bubbles exists between water molecules, and as time passes, the hydrogen formed in this case is easily aggregated into the air.
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2. There is also a hydrogen-rich water cup divided into two-pole electrolysis. After the H+ and O2 generated by the anode are separated, H+ transmits the ion potential and generates H2, and the water in the water cup is electrolyzed into the smallest unit small molecule water to make it into a pentagonal Water or hexagonal water shape, while hydrogen is attached to each corner and combined to form hydrogen-rich water, while hydrogen that is not combined with water molecular structure converges into bubbles to be released into the air. Dissolved hydrogen retention time: At 15 °C normal state, 80~90% retention after 12 hours, after 24 hours, 60~80% retention, maximum retention time 72 hours or more.
Hydrogen-rich water cup is a device for generating hydrogen-rich water
Hydrogen is converted to electrolytically reduced water by electrolysis to produce hydrogen.
Hydrogen-rich water can improve sub-health and have an adjuvant treatment effect on some diseases.
Hydrogen has been rapidly researched in recent years, and more than 300 related papers have been published in just 5 years from 2007 to now.
After a lot of researches have proved that hydrogen has certain auxiliary therapeutic effects on various diseases, so there is a product about hydrogen in the market. Hydrogen-rich water cup is one of the effective portable devices for electrolytic hydrogen.