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文章出處:九言科技 人氣:發表時間:2019-03
In October 2017, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued the “National Ecological Culture Experimental Zone (Jiangxi) Implementation Plan” and the “National Ecological Culture Experimental Zone (Guizhou) Implementation Plan”.
    Once again, we will ensure a "good air" from the national strategic level and affirm that the excellent air is the "blessing" of the people and the entire nation.
    Since the National Conference of the two countries in 2014, the President of the State said in the deliberation of the Guizhou delegation: "PM2.5 air quality directly affects the happiness of the people. In the future, Guizhou can sell 'air cans'."
    This proposal is not only the general secretary's recognition of the air quality environment in Guizhou, which is known as the National Park Province, but also the affirmation of the general good and good mood of the “good air” to the people.
The sky that sells the air is flawless
    A good environment and good air play a vital role in people's health and quality of life. So, in addition to the maintenance and "cultivation" of a special geographical environment, good air can not be consumed as the general secretary said. Can the air can be copied and implemented? If so, can people living in big cities enjoy excellent air early?
    Known as the world's first company focused on the air, Sky has answered this question: "We can't recreate the air in a short time, but we can 'reproduce the main elements of the air' and reproduce the air with refined atmosphere. The way to move 'good air'."
    That is to say, the breath in the air can be "replicated".
    The air has a "taste". The air of different tastes gives people different feelings. The atmosphere of the garden makes us comfortable, and the taste after the rain makes us happy. Some tastes can bring peace of mind and body. After the rain, grass, snow mountains, and the sea, each kind of air has its own common role and taste.
The sky that sells the air is flawless
    For example, the air in the green grass is naturally extracted from the "grass breath" mixed in the air. After copying and restoring, it not only has the refreshing taste in the green grass, but also functions as a refreshing and natural cure for the grass air. .
    Sky Innocent Company calls this new series of products "the taste of the air."
    It is to bring clean, refreshing air to the world with products. When we are sitting at home, we can feel the taste of the snow-capped mountains. We can also enjoy the atmosphere of the sea when we live in a simple way. Even if we are separated by a thousand miles, we can smell the "sweet aroma" of the persimmon tree in front of the door, so that the air is good and the taste is far away from the space. And the time interval, want to suck and suck.
    The company first sold three products, namely: the core of grass, the meaning of mud and tranquility after the rain. It is the most refreshing atmosphere of nature, and the taste of pleasure and pleasure, and then volatilized into the air to become the "air taste" with the taste of grass, the earthiness after rain, and the nourishing effect of ginseng orange flower.
The sky that sells the air is flawless
    The core of grass: the fragrance of the fragrance extracted from the shoots of several kinds of grass, good smell, comfort, cure, seems to be in the flowers, deeply nourish your lungs.
    The meaning of tranquility: the aroma extracted from the nourishment of ginseng and the sweetness of orange blossom can calm the nerves, smooth out the irritated mood, and improve the quality of sleep in stretching.
    After the rain, the soil is extracted from the moist soil after the rain and the aroma of the fallen flower buds. It refreshes, cools and smells, heals the feeling of sorrow, and regains the beauty of life.
    Is it amazing?
    This "selling air" company makes us feel refreshed.
    It is reported that the company has done two things in the air category, one is to clean the unclean air; the other is to make the clean air better and improve the quality of life.
    We don’t know if the company’s illusion of “changing the world with air” can come true, but we really hope that the “air” is a necessity for everyone to survive, and it will make us more stretched, pleasing, and happier. A non-simple product that is “light and easy to get”.
Nine words electronic masks let you have a refreshing air from time to time, constantly experience the feelings of nature.