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Air pollution is inconvenient to travel. Nine words electron

文章出處:九言科技 人氣:發表時間:2019-03
It is understood that the Office of the Heavy Pollution Climate Emergency Command has been notified by the Office of the Guangdong Heavy Pollution Climate Emergency Command. The provincial situation monitoring *12* station and the provincial climate comprehensive analysis and prediction: affected by the adverse weather conditions, December 28, Guanzhong area The air quality will be dominated by heavy pollution, and the Guanzhong Bureau can present short-term and severe pollution. It is predicted that the air quality in Guangzhou on the 28th will be heavily polluted. The Office of the Heavy Pollution Climate Emergency Command decided to upgrade the heavy pollution climate warning grade from the blue warning to the *1* warning.
Guangzhou, today and tomorrow, heavy air pollution on the 29th, air quality has improved
Guangdong Heavy Pollution Climate Emergency Command Office Announcement, through the provincial situation monitoring *12* station meeting with the province's climate partial comprehensive analysis and forecast, affected by the adverse weather conditions, on December 28, Guanzhong regional air quality will be dominated by heavy pollution, Guanzhong Bureau The ground can present short-term and severe pollution. From December 29th to 30th, the air quality improved due to the influence of cold air.
In order to maintain public well-being and reduce the intensity of air pollution, in accordance with the relevant rules, the Office of the Heavy Pollution Climate Emergency Command issued a report on the heavy pollution climate*1*, and upgraded the heavy pollution climate warning grade from the blue warning to the *1* warning, from 12 At the 21st of the month, at 21:00, the Class III emergency photocopy will be activated.
Start Level III Emergency Photographs Kindergarten Elementary and Secondary Schools Stop Outdoor Sports
During the level III emergency call, children, younger people and patients with respiratory tract, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and other chronic diseases, while staying indoors, prevent outdoor sports. Kindergarten, elementary school, middle school and equivalent academic schools stop outdoor sports classes, class exercises, national flags, activities and other sports. The public security department has partially banned the construction of concrete tankers in the area of ??the Third Ring Road (including the three rings). Establishing, urban management, municipal administration, transportation, water, subway, and urban reforms shall, in accordance with their respective duties, supervise the establishment of construction units in the third ring in addition to emergency repair and special needs, and suspend outdoor operations (tower cranes or public construction are not affected). Implement pollutant emission reduction measures for enterprises and units that are classified as stop production and restricted production lists during the early warning period of heavy pollution climate.
Monotonous, low-rain and smog climates, hospitalized patients with lobar pneumonia showed a significant increase in the trend, and respiratory beds were often full. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Department of Pediatrics of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Jiaotong University that lobar pneumonia has entered a high-risk season. Once the child presents fever, long-term cough, headache or poor body, PLSON Plinson air purifier reminds you to do it in real time. Chest X-ray examination.
How severe the air pollution situation is, the chance of opening the window is less than other seasons, plus the indoor heating needs from time to time, the air that is collected indoors for a long time can not be enough to go there, this naturally It was time for the air purifier to go out. Choose to install an air purifier to improve the air quality in the room to ensure the well-being of the family and your body.
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