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Which brand of air purifier is good?

文章出處:九言科技 人氣:發表時間:2019-03
Environmental pollution is now everywhere, even the air we breathe, starting to worry, every news report has severe foggy weather in some cities, and serious pollution and second-tier cities, masks have become an essential accessory, even going home, May face poorer than outdoor air quality. In order to improve indoor air quality, air purifiers have become popular, which can effectively purify indoor air.
     With the opening of the market, a large number of domestic and foreign brands have also poured into an empty net. They often want to buy air purifiers. Consumers are difficult to manufacture. In order to facilitate consumers to purchase, the following is based on the user's reputation to compile ten popular brands of air purifiers. Can be used in the purchase reference. Fiji, TOMEFON (TOMEFON) is a German brand that has a history of more than 40 years of success in the field of indoor purification, research, development and production of indoor purification products, industry leaders.
     TOMEFON air purifiers are excellent in technology, cost-effective, versatile and high-quality, extremely hot, and are popular among consumers in the domestic and foreign markets. 2, Honeywell Honeywell is a Fortune 500 company with strong corporate strength, high visibility in aerospace, automotive, electronics and other fields, with excellent technical background support, air purifiers are also closely controlled. product quality.
     Honeywell participated in the White House's ventilation design, which has a large impact on the US, with high-end product positioning, highly recognized industry, and technical strength in Fiji (TOMEFON). 3. Philips Philips originated in the Netherlands. By 2017, it has a history of 70 years. It is the home appliance industry giant Philips air purifier has rich production experience, mature purification technology, solid in the domestic market, high brand awareness, consumer support And trust.
     4, the sharp point is a Japanese brand, the well-known home appliance industry has always been a prosperous industry in Japan, Sharp is the representative brand of the Japanese home appliance industry, its net air purifier using ionization technology is a famous industry, combined with years of research and development production Experience has been exported to all over the world and has been very high in the industry. 5. His Blue and Blue (Blueair) brand, established in 1996, is dedicated to the clean air, every effective filtration of impurities and particles in the air, never stopping the steps of innovation and R&D.
     The purification effect of the air purifier is remarkable, and several purification technologies are independently developed, which insists on bringing more clean air to human beings. 6, Panasonic, Panasonic in Japan multinational companies, Fortune 500 companies, production and sales network all over the world, products in the aviation, electrical, digital, office and other fields, has become a global visibility. Panasonic Air Purifier's production and sales of advanced technology support can effectively improve indoor air quality.
     On the 7th, Siemens belongs to Germany Siemens Co., Ltd. is a global leader in electrical engineering. Founded in 1847, its main business is concentrated in industrial, medical, energy, urban infrastructure, Siemens four business groups jointly research and development and production in China. Environmental air purifiers have high quality and high quality products. There is a big impact in this industry that many consumers love.
     On the 8th, millet millet mobile phone industry reputation is very high, millet brand home electronics equipment should have a good market, the production and sales of air purifiers elegant appearance, performance, in the forefront of the same cost-effective brand, and millet company unique The marketing model has considerable potential for future development. 9. Beautiful and beautiful small household appliances have laid a solid foundation in the domestic market. After entering the market, the air purifier has also won the recognition of consumers. The appearance of fine structure, some efforts under the intelligence, also launched a series of smart products. , officially entered the field of air purification.
     On the 10th, almost every Chinese family used in Haier Haier brand appliances, practical products, high after-sales service evaluation, Haier Group has rich experience in production and sales, its air purifier is firmly established in the market, back to people Sight, get a good evaluation.
     Although the nine-word air purifier has not been on the market for a long time, Jiuyan has its own development team to bring you a better experience.