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Recruitment position: foreign trade business
First, job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for Alibaba and China Manufacturing Network account management and maintenance, such as product pricing, maintenance and optimization of the listing page;
2. Handling complaints, ensuring account security, maintaining the favorable rate of the store and good credit;
3. Dealing with customer service before, during and after sales;
4. Regularly collect sales data, adjust sales strategies in a timely manner, and timely adjust and make recommendations based on various analysis;
5. Responsible for customer return visits and email responses and customer tracking.
Second, the job requirements:
1. College degree or above, English level 4 or above;
2. Excellent English listening and speaking skills and excellent literacy skills;
3. More than half a year of marketing and operation experience of Alibaba and China Manufacturing Network or more than 1 year of foreign trade sales experience;
4. Familiar with Alibaba and China Manufacturing Network platform related policies;
5, positive progress, patience, responsibility, good communication skills; strong learning ability;
6. Have a team spirit, be able to withstand pressure, and have a pioneering and innovative spirit;
Third, salary and benefits:
1. The probation period is about 3 months. Those with excellent ability can enter the official period in advance, and the basic salary + commission after the official period. The income level depends on individual ability and performance;
2. The team is full of young people and the working atmosphere is harmonious;
3. Provide excellent platform and rapid promotion and development space, and participate in large and small exhibitions at home and abroad. As long as you are the talent we need;
4. Enjoy legal holidays, special date gifts and condolences;