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OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
OEM production, also known as fixed-point production, commonly known as foundry (production), nine words use their own key core technology, responsible for the design and development of new products for customers, the specific processing tasks through the contract order commissioned nine words production, customers Paste your own brand name.
ODM (Original Design Manufacturer)
ODM is a product designed by Nine Words, which is appreciated by another company and requires the brand name of the customer to be produced, or produced according to the customer's design. The manufacturer that undertakes the design and manufacturing business is called ODM. The biggest benefit of doing this is to reduce the time the customer develops.
Foreign trade cooperation
Foreign trade, also known as “foreign trade” or “import and export trade”, is an exchange of goods, services and technology between nine words and customers of another country (region). This trade consists of two parts, import and export. For the customer, it is imported; for the nine words, it is the export.